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First, let's talk about the difference between a Hobby and a Business. A hobby costs you money, and a business makes you money. Don't get me wrong, if you are totally fine with having a hobby then this isn't for you. And that is definitely okay. You do you!! This IS for all the women out there who are desperately trying to move from hobby status to making a substantial financial contribution to their family.

So let's get real. Below are the 5 things I did, to change my hobby to a business, and then to actually grow my business.

1. Name your business. I believe that anything important should have a name. If you want to be taken seriously, name your business and then register it with the state so that you are a legit business. This is important when it comes to your customers. The more you look like a legit business, the more likely they are to buy from you!!

2. Create a Facebook business page. Use that fancy new name you dreamed up, and start a Facebook business page dedicated solely to your business venture. There are several reasons for this. I firmly believe in keeping your business and personal stuff separate. Whether that's on Facebook, with your checking account, whatever. Separate the personal and business. The other reason is because it's actually against Facebook's Terms of Service to sell as a business through your personal account. If they feel like it, they can actually delete your personal account for this very reason.

3. Post 4X a day! No, I am definitely not joking. I'm sure you're thinking, "what the heck am I going to post about??" Well, here's how I view my Facebook page. I am constantly thinking about what my audience would like to see. I try to post things that may be a fun craft, a funny video, or meme. I also post my tumblers that I've created as well as tips and tricks to help others who may be in the glitter tumbler making community. When you look at your Facebook audience with the heart of "how can I serve them?" then finding 4 things to post each day is super easy. Trust me!!

4. Go LIVE! Yes, I want you to go live on Facebook. Preferably at least twice a week. Facebook LOVES lives. They seem to boost your page more when you actually go live. This is also a great way to get organic growth because people are more likely to share your lives. Lives are also important because it helps your audience get to know you. It's important to remember that customers purchase from people they know, like, and trust. They can't know, like, and trust you if you never show them who you are!! Get out there. Put your face out there for your audience!! Do it for them! Even if you're scared, DO IT ANYWAY! You won't regret it!!

5. Facebook Ads. Some of you will say that you can't afford to do Facebook ads. I think you can't afford not to. It grows your audience quickly which also results in more sales as long as you're doing the steps listed above. Every business needs to market and advertise. Here's the thing. You may be the BEST tumbler maker or crafter out there, but if you don't get your product in front of people, they will never buy from you.

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