What you can expect inside our members only coaching community - 


Design Tutorials

Each month, you will receive 2 new tutorials that will teach you how to make my designs. Some designs to come will be gold leaf, mountain design, animal prints, mermaid, etc. 

When you join, you will have access to previous month's tutorials as well. 


Skill tutorial

Each month, you will receive 1 tutorial to help you develop a specific skill that will be helpful as you're making tumblers or trying to sell your creations.


You will have a LIVE Q&A call with Ashley every month. This will be a place to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. These questions could be tumbler related, balancing work and home, or about selling your creations. Whatever you may need.

Fun extras

Each month you'll receive some fun extras to help with that months tutorials. It could be helpful lists, resources, or SVG files. These items are meant to help you develop your skill each month.

monthly Challenge

Each month, we will have a monthly design challenge. You will receive a topic each month that will inspire your design. Members who choose to be a part of the challenge will submit their work, and the winner(s) will receive a $25 CRC gift card.

Winners chosen at random.

Exclusive access to CRC Glitter

As a Charlie Rose Creatives member, you’ll receive a 23% off coupon code every month for glitter. 

Join the Wait List

Be the first to know when Charlie Rose Creatives opens, and receive special offers to my VIP waitlisters!!