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Ivette, Maestra Creations

I love the small tight knit community Ashley has created. It was because of this group that I’ve grown my business to where it is. Before joining this group, i was struggling to learn on YouTube and my cups were terrible. After joining, my cup quality became so much better. A lot of my best sellers i learned how to make in this group. Being a part of this community has allowed me to learn not only tumbler designs but also the business side. I’ve been in this group since January 2019 and it’s so nice to have a relationship with the other ladies in the group and see how they have grown.


I have been in this group since day 1 of it. I truly have learned so much. I do this as a hobby but Ashley has helped me elevate my hobby. I may not do every cup every month but it’s nice to be able to go back and use her tutorials when you want to make a cup she showed us. Her videos are great. She’s very down to earth with us and it truly makes you feel like oh hey, I’m not the only one feeling this way. We truly are more than a group. We are a family.

This is a family of people. We all are there for each other. We believe in helping rather than competition. This group has made me more confident in my craft and my future business. I have been part of the group for few years and Ashley is definitely the cheerleader I have not had from others.

Linda, LD Vinyl Creations

The group is wonderful - the tutorials and business tips are so helpful and my business did grow in the 3 yrs I've been a member. Ashley is so generous with her information and gives the group her full attention. I have made MANY friends in this group and they are all so warm and are all so passionate about their craft and so willing to help out in any way. This is a great opportunity to learn an awesome craft from a very talented person!

BreeAnna, Holden Keepsakes

I am so thankful for the Charlie Rose Creatives group!!! As I joined 3 years ago I went from a true beginner crafter to a confident artist and business owner. With the guidance from Ashley, I have learned many different techniques in each tutorial and with having this amazing community of women I feel safe asking any type of question. If your looking for a knowledgeable tumbler group that is supportive, judgement free, honest and so much more come join our CRC glitter family!

Angela, Warrior Mantra Creations

There is so much to love about this group!! The community of women is amazing. They are always helpful and super sweet even if your question seems silly to you.The information and tutorials are invaluable from a business standpoint and a tumbler maker standpoint. Being a part of this community has helped to push me outside of my comfort zone which in turn has only grown my business and has encouraged me to keep moving forward. If you are considering, don't over think it. Just do it!! You won't regret it!!

With this monthly service, you will receive:

  • Closer access to my personal coaching, as well as other talented makers
  • 3-4 brand new monthly tutorials in our private FACEBOOK GROUP
  • monthly tumbler challenges with prizes
  • Access to ALL tutorials released to the group over the last THREE years
  • over 100 past tutorials, and 36 live q&a sessions
  • 23% off CRC glitter all day, every day
  • SVGs needed for making tumbler designs
  • Social Media Challenges every few months to help you grow your business
  • Business tips, tricks, and tutorials I used to grow my business so I can help you grow yours. 
  • Access to a positive, close knit group of other creatives

          Membership Rules and Regulations:

  1. Memberships run for 30 calendar days.

  2. Memberships auto renew on subscription date until cancellation is submitted in writing to

  3. Other forms of communication will not be accepted as a cancellation notice.

  4. Cancellations prior to the renewal date will cancel the current month.  Cancellations after the renewal date will take affect prior to the next auto payment. 

  5. Renewal  after Non Payment Cancellation will only be honored during the same calendar month. If payment is not made, member will have to re-enroll at the next open enrollment.

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