Adding sparkle to your life with specialty tumblers, glitter, and DIY tumbler instruction.


Hey Friends! Welcome to Charlie Rose Creations. We make and sell glittered tumblers, provide online instruction for those who want to make and sell their own glittered tumblers, and we recently just expanded by selling our own glitter line!

We Make Custom Tumblers!

Custom Tumblers

Click the link to shop all of our amazing glitter tumblers. All tumblers are customizable up to decal design & decal color.


Click the link to shop Charlie Rose Glitter!! All of our glitter is high quality, poly glitter that’ll really sparkle on your tumbler.

Ashley’s Favorites

All of Ashley’s favorite products are located in her Amazon shop for easy reference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about tumblers, pricing, or glitter? Check out these FAQs below. If you do not find what you are looking for, head on over to our contact page and fill out the inquiry form.

What is the price of your glitter tumblers?

Pricing varies by tumbler brand, size and glitter design.

I'm ready to order. How do I do that?

Go to my Tumbler page under the Shop tab and choose your tumbler style and design! From there, you can choose a decal color and decal design to be added to your tumbler. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Can you feel the glitter and/or the decal?

No! All of my tumblers are sealed with multiple layers of epoxy to create a super smooth finish. Decals are also sealed within the epoxy so that you can't feel it, and you'll never have to worry about it coming off.

How do I care for my tumblers?

All tumbler should be hand washed ONLY. Please do not put your tumbler in the dishwasher as this can break the seal in your stainless steel tumbler. I use a baby bottle cleaner to quickly and easily clean out tumblers.

Do you take custom order requests?

All tumblers are customizable up to decal design & decal color. I will have the design available in the shop for purchase with decal design and color available for customization.

I want to start making my own tumbler. How should I get started?

I'm so excited for you!! To get started, you can sign up to receive my free PDF tutorial. It comes with a materials list with links and a step by step picture tutorial. CLICK HERE to subscribe!

You can also continue to watch my Facebook lives every Monday and Thursday around 8:30.

Create Your Own Tumblers

Charlie Rose Creatives Membership Group

Here to help you develop your tumbler making skills, connect you with other creatives, and teach you how to sell your creations. Find out more details by clicking the button below! 

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